An oil and gas supermajor engaged Radiant to provide ongoing support for analysis, instructional design, and development for global learning initiatives.

To increase efficiency in a challenging market for oil and gas companies, “a large integrated oil company required a vendor that provided a broad range of services with the ability to rapidly assess the needs of stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) and deliver effective educational programs.”

The Global Training Department is responsible for all the technical training that its employees receive at all its business units worldwide. Its purview of responsibility covers such diverse areas as employee health and safety, facility maintenance, and complex geosciences.

The oil and gas company sought assistance from Radiant’s Learning & Organizational Change team to close the gaps in its ability to respond to global training needs created by reducing its staff. Radiant selected vital personnel to work as part of the instructional systems design team. This team continues to partner with our customers to create all manner of educational interventions.


Radiant provides this Fortune 20 company the ability to scale quickly to meet current needs while maintaining the continuity of experience necessary to build learning solutions around the highly technical subject matter efficiently.

Depending on the number of distinct interventions that are part of a given program, Radiant employs either the traditional ADDIE model or a hybrid of the SAM (successive approximation model) and layers of necessity models.

Typical engagements require services across the full project lifecycle, from analysis to delivery. Projects usually require Radiant to field multi-disciplined teams consisting of project managers, instructional designers, multimedia designers, and video production specialists. Radiant also embeds personnel directly into project teams when analysis indicates that doing so will represent a more efficient use of client resources.


Radiant is working with the client to focus on distance learning to reduce travel required by its employees. Radiant’s instructional designers’ design fit-for-purpose solutions focused on getting the solution into employees’ hands and then iterating based on learner feedback and objective evaluation. While traditional in-person ILT remains a large component of their offerings, with Radiant’s assistance, the company moves towards offering learners more pull educational options instead of the conventional push model. Virtual ILT, just-in-time learning options, and video-mediated self-education have all been a recent focus of these initiatives.

Working with Radiant has:

  • Dramatically lowered training-related travel expenses
  • Provided greater and more frequent reach; serve more learners globally
  • Achieved higher learner satisfaction reported from greater access and the ability to self-pace
  • Delivered learning solutions more efficiently, allowing for a more significant number of completed initiatives every year
  • Greater versatility, having a scalable team experienced with oil and gas subject matter resulted in lower costs for the client and led to Radiant becoming the primary vendor for all of their technical training needs


  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Less
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captive
  • xAPI
  • WebEx Training Center